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Community Support

The Pi community is one of its kind. Having mined the Pi cryptocurrency through various contributions to the network and witnessed its development from the beginning, Pioneers are excited to offer support to its new members and help grow the Pi ecosystem.


The fastest way to ask a question or get help is to join our Pi Ecosystem Discord server. Here, you will find many other developers who are also building on Pi and can assist you with any questions. The Pi Core Team is active in that server as well and can assist. To join the server take a brief developer test within our Brainstorm App, to access the application open the Pi Browser and click on the square logo for Brainstorm.Pi.

Pi App Chat

You can also send a message in the Developer chat room on the Pi App for help from other fellow Pi community developers or chat moderators. To subscribe to the Developer chat room, select the “Chat” icon from the home screen of the Pi app (or the “chat.pi” tile on the Pi Browser’s welcome page) and then select the ➕ near the bottom right of the screen to find a list of the other chat rooms. From this list, you can subscribe to the Developer chat room by selecting the corresponding green “+” icon. Once you subscribe to it, that chat room will now be shown in your regular list of chat rooms.


Pi app’s home screen offers regular network updates, including any tech or ecosystem-related updates. Some of these updates are published on the Website blog as well. You can also follow us on Twitter for announcements.

Other Platforms