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Pi Brainstorm

The Pi Brainstorm application is designed to be the hub where Pioneers can collaborate and propose ideas for new apps that will build utility in the Pi Ecosystem. All Pioneers are able to view, propose, and apply to join existing projects within the Brainstorm app.

Check it out by clicking on the Brainstorm tile within the Pi Browser. Listing your app on the Brainstorm brings you visibility to the Core Team and the community, and can potentially attract other community members with a variety of skills to apply to work on your team.

In 2021, the Brainstorm app was also the hub for a network Hackathon that drew hundreds of participants from around the world. In the near future, we will also be hosting ongoing scalable online Hackathons as the Core Team is turning the Brainstorm app into an automatic scalable Hackathon system that involves blind peer-review processes. The ongoing Hackathon system is meant to further surface excellent community development and support the overall apps ecosystem.